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Everything is plugged in and now the “We Can Weld It” Blog is styled and ready for action. That means now we can get back to business. The shop has been grinder city lately. Usually I am well shielded from the friction of grinding wheels screaming sparks in three different directions. This week I am getting a good taste as the door opens and closes from the shop to the office. No wonder why the guys wear ear plugs. Sounds like a drag race without oil in there. It is a big gate project that has the guys cutting sheet metal into large squares to fit between posts. They resemble large garbage dumpster enclosure gates that are used in the back or restaurants to lock up their trash. That is not all that the guys have been working on though. Last week they fabricated around 10 steel tables for a large workshop, attached a couple of different trailer hitches, created a large custom handrail, and helped re-attach a bracket on a Channel 6 News van. That is just what I recall off the top of my head. There is plenty more, including usually a daily portable welding trip, that happens everyday around the Morena Welding Inc. shop.

Lately we have also been focusing more on custom fence applications. I have been shopping around the San Diego market for fencing just to see what is out there and it has been surprising to say the least. There isn’t any local company out there that can offer custom ornamental iron fences. The two largest fence companies in San Diego, who shall remain nameless for now, order standard fencing in bulk from large suppliers and install them. Can’t anyone do that? This research has inspired me to create a new fence section on our website which is currently under construction. I am going to put the design in the hands of the customer. Let them choose what design will best serve their needs. And the best part is that Morena Welding, being a custom welding and fabrication company, can create any design our clients come up with. So next time you or someone you know needs a real custom iron fence, not a mass produced copy, visit MorenaWelding.com and see the difference we can provide.

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