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The Summer Heat

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Along with the weird changes in our weather comes the most random repairs. I know I am always showcasing the diversity of work we have here at Morena Welding, I guess the fact that this diversity exists will always make the work interesting. In the past week we have had everything from bicycle frames, exercise equipment, boats, lights, cars and trucks, all along with the welcomed railings and custom fabricated tables. It is nice to see that our service can really help people save a lot of money. We have had two separate fishing boats in which we welded shut some cracks and in one case placed 3 panels to the hull to reinforce it. Without these repairs the owners would have been looking at new boats and instead the repair was only a couple hundred dollars.

It seems that Jose and Juan are becoming better and better mechanics by the day as we have repaired two trailer hitches, repaired the front end of a car, and bored out some larger holes in the frame of a cherry’d out big blue eighties Bronco. I know these repairs do not seem mechanical, although they had to take apart pieces of suspension and engine parts to get to the area in need of repair. I was impressed by their general automobile knowledge since I myself am one of those guys who pops the hood, looks around, and pretends nothing is wrong after I check the oil.

Juan has also got a decent bit of custom fabrication in this week, completing some basic handrails for the surfboard shaping room next door. Check out McCallum Surfboards if your into alternative shapes. The guy does some amazing shapes with a crazy attention to detail.

He also fabricated some tables, and galvanized a couple other railings for residential clients. Yesterday he fabricated some sidesteps from scratch for a Jeep Grand Cherokee that looked amazing.

Have a Happy 4th of July, be safe and enjoy the independence this country affords us. Cheers

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