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Diversity and the Big Red Door!


We can and will work on anything made of metal and it shows with the diversity of jobs we have had in the past week. We had a visit from some Texan bikers who needed a rod fixed for their bug shield, a couple of automotive repairs, and the usual fences and railings. We did everything from a brass sprinkler, to an aluminum lounge chair, to doors and way bigger doors. Speaking of big doors, most of you know that we share a building with our partner company Garage Door Enterprises. GDE is in the process of building the largest garage door showroom in San Diego and with that comes some work for the guys in the shop. Mick, the owner of GDE, had a great idea for the showroom sign and it happened to be a very heavy, expensive, beautiful red Martin Athena Glass Garage Door. I know, you are asking yourself how a garage door that weighs a couple hundred pounds can be used as a sign? Well, that is where having a welding company at your disposal comes in handy. Juan, Jose, and Shawn have been busy making the warehouse structurally fit to hold the red beast of a garage door. They had to add vertical support beams inside the building, welded to the main cross beams in order to support all that weight as shown in the picture. Then Juan made a frame for the door, to hold it all together, and have somewhere to weld the support posts to. After the frame was bolted to the door and everything was secure, it took six full grown men to barely lift it of the work bench onto a dolly. Then we rolled it out to the fork lift where Juan welded support pieces from the actual fork lift to the top of the garage door frame, and angles to the forks so the door wouldn’t slide off. I was in full panic mode just from trying to stablize this door that is worth about 4 months of salary for me by this point, while my boss was circling in giddy anticipation. His idea was coming to fruition and it was a good moment for him. Anyway, we got it attached to the fork lift, rolled it down the middle of Grant Street, and then lifted it up 16 feet in the air where Shawn got on the fork lift and welded the door frame to the support posts. After a couple of hours the bright red beastly beauty was hanging from the front of the showroom. It was a feat to be seen and after some paint, lights, and a new sign that will be the talk of the area and the town. There is no way that anyone at the intersection of Morena Blvd. and Sherman Street will be able to ignore the bright red beam of light. This day was just another day, but one that I will always remember for the shear willingness to make an idea come to life in any way possible. Come by and check out the floating garage door, I am sure you will think the same thing we all do, I am glad there is no hurricanes in California.

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