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The repairs keep flowing in. It seems to be picking up in this first week of May. More and more of our previous customers are finding our new location convenient and improved. It is nice, being the new guy on the team, to hear all the stories of projects done at the old location. They help to give me a true feel for the company we are today and how we have gotten to this point. Enough of my inspiration, what is going on in the shop this week? Well, everything from spot welds to fabrication of an automated rolling gate. On Monday Juan started to fabricate a gate from which the template was taken directly off the original wooden gate. The customer actually requested to keep the wood paneling and fabricate a custom frame to surround them. By today the gate has already been fabricated, welded, and smoothed out. Now it just needs a finish and it is ready to be reintroduced with its wood interior.

Next was the fabrication of a galvanized steel automated rolling entry gate. That is a chunk of adjectives. Sean was showing me how after the weld is set and smoothed out you can heat up the weld and rub a Zinc stick over it to match the galvanization. He also explained how that is the way you fix blemishes in the galvanization if for some reason the piece gets scratched. These are the little pieces of information that I find interesting, the tricks of the trade I guess.

Today Juan was explaining the difference between Tig and Mig Aluminum welds. We got into the conversation after I took a look at the spot weld he put on the frame of a Suzuki motorcycle. The frame had a small crack running vertically on the support. It looked nice and solid after Juan was done with it. Weld for over 30 years and everything you do is second nature, even though it is done perfectly. Plus with Juan’s attitude and genuine happiness, it is hard to not be satisfied with everything he does. I am always impressed by the fact that he can be fully focused on a difficult weld, put his tools down and talk to a customer with full attention and a smile every time. He is a unique individual that makes Morena Welding better everyday.

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