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It has been a good week for repairs around the shop. Everyday as I am helping answer the phones during high call volumes, I find people asking how to get to our location. For our fairly new customers, Morena Welding used to be known as A Action Welding and at that time we were located up Morena Blvd a couple miles. Now at 5319 Grant street, I usually ask if they know where the Sears outlet is because it is across Sherman street from us. Anyway, these small repair projects are really where Juan consistently exceeds customer expectations. He has the steadiest of hands, and people are surprised when they bring in things with a disclaimer, “I don’t know if you can fix this but…”, and Juan says, “No problem.” Usually the repair will be completed on the spot and ready for use in a couple hours. Now that is what we call service. Exceeding the customer’s expectations in every manner. Fist came a couple of small one stair handrails. Then an aluminum dining table with a broken leg and cracked structure. Today it is a couple of hitch extensions for a past customer that he was measuring out as I watched. Sean is out finishing a big project for the Trieste Apartments in La Jolla. A tree fell down on their property and ruined at least four sections of fencing. We went out and took out all the damaged fencing, brought it back to the shop, repaired the salvageable sections and fabricated new sections for the ones that were destroyed completely. They were not as easy as usual because the fence is on a grade and has to be created at an angle, but where is the fun in simplicity? Right? Jose is painting a gate with a unique circular design that looks like something that would fit at a beach rental. It turned out very nice after primer and paint. We were able to utilize all the space we have in the warehouse next door to hang the gate and paint it. All in all everyone is feeling good and working hard. With the diversity of projects in the shop it is easy to stay interested, I am constantly learning about new processes and techniques from the welders. Everyone has a different wealth of information and it is amazing all that we can learn from others when we take the time to listen. Take care and best wishes from the Morena Welding team.

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