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The Summer Heat

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Along with the weird changes in our weather comes the most random repairs. I know I am always showcasing the diversity of work we have here at Morena Welding, I guess the fact that this diversity exists will always make the work interesting. In the past week we have had everything from bicycle frames, exercise equipment, boats, lights, cars and trucks, all along with the welcomed railings and custom fabricated tables. It is nice to see that our service can really help people save a lot of money. We have had two separate fishing boats in which we welded shut some cracks and in one case placed 3 panels to the hull to reinforce it. Without these repairs the owners would have been looking at new boats and instead the repair was only a couple hundred dollars.

It seems that Jose and Juan are becoming better and better mechanics by the day as we have repaired two trailer hitches, repaired the front end of a car, and bored out some larger holes in the frame of a cherry’d out big blue eighties Bronco. I know these repairs do not seem mechanical, although they had to take apart pieces of suspension and engine parts to get to the area in need of repair. I was impressed by their general automobile knowledge since I myself am one of those guys who pops the hood, looks around, and pretends nothing is wrong after I check the oil.

Juan has also got a decent bit of custom fabrication in this week, completing some basic handrails for the surfboard shaping room next door. Check out McCallum Surfboards if your into alternative shapes. The guy does some amazing shapes with a crazy attention to detail.

He also fabricated some tables, and galvanized a couple other railings for residential clients. Yesterday he fabricated some sidesteps from scratch for a Jeep Grand Cherokee that looked amazing.

Have a Happy 4th of July, be safe and enjoy the independence this country affords us. Cheers

Diversity and the Big Red Door!


We can and will work on anything made of metal and it shows with the diversity of jobs we have had in the past week. We had a visit from some Texan bikers who needed a rod fixed for their bug shield, a couple of automotive repairs, and the usual fences and railings. We did everything from a brass sprinkler, to an aluminum lounge chair, to doors and way bigger doors. Speaking of big doors, most of you know that we share a building with our partner company Garage Door Enterprises. GDE is in the process of building the largest garage door showroom in San Diego and with that comes some work for the guys in the shop. Mick, the owner of GDE, had a great idea for the showroom sign and it happened to be a very heavy, expensive, beautiful red Martin Athena Glass Garage Door. I know, you are asking yourself how a garage door that weighs a couple hundred pounds can be used as a sign? Well, that is where having a welding company at your disposal comes in handy. Juan, Jose, and Shawn have been busy making the warehouse structurally fit to hold the red beast of a garage door. They had to add vertical support beams inside the building, welded to the main cross beams in order to support all that weight as shown in the picture. Then Juan made a frame for the door, to hold it all together, and have somewhere to weld the support posts to. After the frame was bolted to the door and everything was secure, it took six full grown men to barely lift it of the work bench onto a dolly. Then we rolled it out to the fork lift where Juan welded support pieces from the actual fork lift to the top of the garage door frame, and angles to the forks so the door wouldn’t slide off. I was in full panic mode just from trying to stablize this door that is worth about 4 months of salary for me by this point, while my boss was circling in giddy anticipation. His idea was coming to fruition and it was a good moment for him. Anyway, we got it attached to the fork lift, rolled it down the middle of Grant Street, and then lifted it up 16 feet in the air where Shawn got on the fork lift and welded the door frame to the support posts. After a couple of hours the bright red beastly beauty was hanging from the front of the showroom. It was a feat to be seen and after some paint, lights, and a new sign that will be the talk of the area and the town. There is no way that anyone at the intersection of Morena Blvd. and Sherman Street will be able to ignore the bright red beam of light. This day was just another day, but one that I will always remember for the shear willingness to make an idea come to life in any way possible. Come by and check out the floating garage door, I am sure you will think the same thing we all do, I am glad there is no hurricanes in California.

Learn Something NEW Everyday.


The repairs keep flowing in. It seems to be picking up in this first week of May. More and more of our previous customers are finding our new location convenient and improved. It is nice, being the new guy on the team, to hear all the stories of projects done at the old location. They help to give me a true feel for the company we are today and how we have gotten to this point. Enough of my inspiration, what is going on in the shop this week? Well, everything from spot welds to fabrication of an automated rolling gate. On Monday Juan started to fabricate a gate from which the template was taken directly off the original wooden gate. The customer actually requested to keep the wood paneling and fabricate a custom frame to surround them. By today the gate has already been fabricated, welded, and smoothed out. Now it just needs a finish and it is ready to be reintroduced with its wood interior.

Next was the fabrication of a galvanized steel automated rolling entry gate. That is a chunk of adjectives. Sean was showing me how after the weld is set and smoothed out you can heat up the weld and rub a Zinc stick over it to match the galvanization. He also explained how that is the way you fix blemishes in the galvanization if for some reason the piece gets scratched. These are the little pieces of information that I find interesting, the tricks of the trade I guess.

Today Juan was explaining the difference between Tig and Mig Aluminum welds. We got into the conversation after I took a look at the spot weld he put on the frame of a Suzuki motorcycle. The frame had a small crack running vertically on the support. It looked nice and solid after Juan was done with it. Weld for over 30 years and everything you do is second nature, even though it is done perfectly. Plus with Juan’s attitude and genuine happiness, it is hard to not be satisfied with everything he does. I am always impressed by the fact that he can be fully focused on a difficult weld, put his tools down and talk to a customer with full attention and a smile every time. He is a unique individual that makes Morena Welding better everyday.

Plenty of Work :)

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It has been a good week for repairs around the shop. Everyday as I am helping answer the phones during high call volumes, I find people asking how to get to our location. For our fairly new customers, Morena Welding used to be known as A Action Welding and at that time we were located up Morena Blvd a couple miles. Now at 5319 Grant street, I usually ask if they know where the Sears outlet is because it is across Sherman street from us. Anyway, these small repair projects are really where Juan consistently exceeds customer expectations. He has the steadiest of hands, and people are surprised when they bring in things with a disclaimer, “I don’t know if you can fix this but…”, and Juan says, “No problem.” Usually the repair will be completed on the spot and ready for use in a couple hours. Now that is what we call service. Exceeding the customer’s expectations in every manner. Fist came a couple of small one stair handrails. Then an aluminum dining table with a broken leg and cracked structure. Today it is a couple of hitch extensions for a past customer that he was measuring out as I watched. Sean is out finishing a big project for the Trieste Apartments in La Jolla. A tree fell down on their property and ruined at least four sections of fencing. We went out and took out all the damaged fencing, brought it back to the shop, repaired the salvageable sections and fabricated new sections for the ones that were destroyed completely. They were not as easy as usual because the fence is on a grade and has to be created at an angle, but where is the fun in simplicity? Right? Jose is painting a gate with a unique circular design that looks like something that would fit at a beach rental. It turned out very nice after primer and paint. We were able to utilize all the space we have in the warehouse next door to hang the gate and paint it. All in all everyone is feeling good and working hard. With the diversity of projects in the shop it is easy to stay interested, I am constantly learning about new processes and techniques from the welders. Everyone has a different wealth of information and it is amazing all that we can learn from others when we take the time to listen. Take care and best wishes from the Morena Welding team.

Solid Enclosure Double Gates


The last couple of days in the shop have been a great example of the variety of work we do at Morena Welding Inc. A custom handrail for a client in La Jolla is being galvanized, then to paint, and will be installed next week. We have had four inquiries from our website, one of which is a custom job on a truck bed rackĀ  to hold kayaks. Also, the guys are completing 5 trash enclosure double gates which are solid to say the least. They are made with 2 inch square, 1/4 inch thick, tube that encloses galvanized decking. They look beautiful in their orange glory, before they go to paint. It seems the guys enjoy working on these larger projects just because they get to see the fruit of their labor. From cutting, to grinding, to welding and smoothing out, the process produces a beautiful product.

Up and Running


Everything is plugged in and now the “We Can Weld It” Blog is styled and ready for action. That means now we can get back to business. The shop has been grinder city lately. Usually I am well shielded from the friction of grinding wheels screaming sparks in three different directions. This week I am getting a good taste as the door opens and closes from the shop to the office. No wonder why the guys wear ear plugs. Sounds like a drag race without oil in there. It is a big gate project that has the guys cutting sheet metal into large squares to fit between posts. They resemble large garbage dumpster enclosure gates that are used in the back or restaurants to lock up their trash. That is not all that the guys have been working on though. Last week they fabricated around 10 steel tables for a large workshop, attached a couple of different trailer hitches, created a large custom handrail, and helped re-attach a bracket on a Channel 6 News van. That is just what I recall off the top of my head. There is plenty more, including usually a daily portable welding trip, that happens everyday around the Morena Welding Inc. shop.

Lately we have also been focusing more on custom fence applications. I have been shopping around the San Diego market for fencing just to see what is out there and it has been surprising to say the least. There isn’t any local company out there that can offer custom ornamental iron fences. The two largest fence companies in San Diego, who shall remain nameless for now, order standard fencing in bulk from large suppliers and install them. Can’t anyone do that? This research has inspired me to create a new fence section on our website which is currently under construction. I am going to put the design in the hands of the customer. Let them choose what design will best serve their needs. And the best part is that Morena Welding, being a custom welding and fabrication company, can create any design our clients come up with. So next time you or someone you know needs a real custom iron fence, not a mass produced copy, visit MorenaWelding.com and see the difference we can provide.

Welcome to the new “We Can Weld It”


Morena Welding’s new and improved blog is now closer to home.